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Lane wore her new costume, Belle’s blue peasant dress, to the Magic Kingdom Saturday night.  The entire evening was magical! She got to play in Beast’s castle, dance with him, read to him and even have a tea party with Princess Belle. It was absolutely perfect! Mommy is so happy she stayed up all night sewing the dress to finish it in time! <3

Oh my cuteness 😍


Taylor Swift | 2014 MTV Video Music Awards on August 24, 2014


I haven’t gotten to see it yet (yay PST) but I think it’s absolutely hilarious that everyone is hating on Taylor Swift.  I assume the meaning of the song was lost on you.


If from that performance you don’t get that Taylor literally zero fucks about the haters then you need your eyes checked. She went out that and had fun. I love it.


Highlight of VMA’s: Taylor Swift’s legs


Do people not realize that the entire concept of Taylor Swifts new song, is that she LITERALLY DOES NOT GIVE A SINGLE FUCK ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS. She’s having more fun than you anyway.


like ou créditos heystephenz


I didn’t think I could love Taylor Swift any more than I already do and then she sang Shake It Off tonight and it’s possible.

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