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Ah. I got around to setting up my little 20th anniversary Sailor Moon figures.
They’re very cute and decent quality. As you can see, Tuxedo Mask’s mask is weird and Sailor Mercury is missing the bow in the back. Since you don’t see it, I don’t mind so much but it’s a little annoying.

I bought the who set, they are blind boxes. If you get Usagi or Minako, you’ll get Luna or Artemis with them, respectively.

Watched this episode last night. Not ashamed to say I cried.

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http://stellarvisionary.tumblr.com/post/82852527106/people-who-say-that-english-dubs-of-anime-arent →


People who say that English dubs of anime aren’t important make me sad. Like…anime as a thing wouldn’t exist in America were it not for the early dubs, and anime (both subbed and dubbed) only exists in America because of the profits made by the American branches of companies like FUNimation, which…

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